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A Cup Of Cope

For a proportion of people, a long life comes with chronic illnesses, disability, physical or cognitive decline. Some of them will require different levels of intervention to get on with their daily life. Aged care is the set of institutions that offers care interventions for the elderly inabsence of cure. Broadly speaking, primary carers are the main source of ongoing assistance to people in the community who are unable to adequately care for themselves because of a severe or profound restriction in performing core activities of daily living. This level of activity restriction can be associated with early and late-onset disability and/or age-related frailty. The assistance received from a primary carer helps many such people to avoid or delay long-term care in an institutional setting. To exercise a preference to stay at home, most people who need assistance rely heavily on family and friends. Here are some articles to help give you a better understanding about carers:





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