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Join our CUP Community to share stories, experiences or knowledge on areas of the caring industry. It is free to signup and is easy to share your own post, comment on an existing post or follow others within the community to get updates when they post! 

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The 'CUP Community' is a place where we encourage open conversation on numerous topics for carers.

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Want to connect and chat with other carers? This is the place for that.

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Any carer related news or carer related campaigns running across Australia are welcomed here.

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New Posts
  • Blake from Cup Of Cope
    Mar 8, 2018

    " How can a Carer help and support a person suffering from depression? Lack of hope is the most common symptom that anyone suffering from depression would encounter. It is the job of the Caregiver to help the patient develop a positive outlook and hope in their lives. They need to be assured that there is a purpose of their life and a number of things can be done which can help them find a new meaning in life. The Carer also must not allow their own frustrations with the situation to show as then the feeling of guilt will surface and this will be detrimental to recovery. Here are some ways in which a Carer can help someone suffering from mental health depression: 1. Understand Depression 2. Getting the Right Treatment For Depression 3. Emotional Support 4. Separate the Illness from the Person 5. Spend Time With Them" (Dennan, 2011) To view the full article please click on the link below👇🏽 Article Source:
  • Blake from Cup Of Cope
    Mar 7, 2018

    "Carers Australia Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ara Cresswell says there is “increasing difficulty” for carers to find respite care when they need a break, with the survey showing that 74 percent of respondents reported high or very high demand for emergency respite, while the level of high demand for pre-planned respite accommodation was 88 percent." To read this article in full, please visit the source address below👇🏽 Source:
  • Blake from Cup Of Cope
    Jan 25, 2018

    Are you stressed? Do you feel isolated? Then why not try the StressLess app ( "New research has highlighted the benefits of using a mobile phone app to manage stress and build the resilience of informal carers. The StressLess app was developed by Deakin University researchers in partnership with service provider Australian Unity. The app features a self-paced program on stress management, as well as prompts and individual feedback to help carers monitor their stress levels and mood over time." Source: