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A Cup Of Cope



Home Modifications

Home Modifications are changes made to the structure of a home so one can continue to live safely and independently. They may involve the installation of hand rails, the removal of shower screens, or even the widening of doorways and the addition of stair climbers.

Respite care (also known as short-term care) is a form of support for the carer and care recipient. It gives the carer the opportunity to attend to everyday activities or go on holidays while ensuring the care recipients needs are supported. Respite care may be given informally by family, friends or neighbours, or by formal respite services. Respite care assists the carer to improve their wellbeing and continue caring for the care recipient for longer.

Respite Services

Home Monitoring

Home Monitoring is using remote patient monitoring technology enabling patients with severe chronic diseases or conditions to monitor their blood pressure and other health factors from the comfort of their homes and share this information electronically with their physicians, family members and other healthcare providers. Tracking the patients results on a regular basis, can place carers minds at ease when they are not in the direct company of their loved one.

Social Connectedness

(Online Community via Website)

Social connectedness is the measure of how people come together and interact. At an individual level, social connectedness involves the quality and number of connections one has with other people in a social circle of family, friends, and acquaintances.

Community engagement is the process of working collaboratively with community groups to address issues that impact the well-being of those groups. Activities that help firms engage the community include credible and transparent reporting, town hall meetings and collaborative decision making.

(Little Dreamers Education & Employment Program)

Community Engagement